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Avoid naive trades in crypto and ‘meme stocks’ and buy these instead, hedge fund manager says


Hedge fund manager David Neuhauser has warned against blindly following investment trends, and instead named a number of stocks that provide “solid value in an otherwise bubbly equity and bond market.”

Neuhauser, CIO at alternative asset management firm Livermore Partners, warned that investors buying into the “Robinhood phenomena” often lacked a well-rounded approach to trading, overlooking fundamentals.

“A number of these investors – whether it be in crypto, whether it be in equities, whether it be in meme stocks like GameStop – they typically are naive, they’re early investors, they don’t calculate risk very well,” Neuhauser told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” on Wednesday.

“They jump on those trends, and that leads to much higher prices and speculation – but ultimately fundamentals do matter,” he added. “I think ultimately it ends pretty badly.”

Instead, Neuhauser named three alterative stocks for investors to consider.

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